Website Design tips that modern websites should look to adopt

Web Design is something that has changed tremendously over the last decade or so, largely in part due to the rise of highly capable mobile devices and the widespread availability of high-speed broadband. Designers are now forced to think how their content will scale across devices ranging from 4 inches to multiple screen monitor set-ups.

Here are some of the design tips that modern websites should look to adopt.

1.    Make Your Landing Page Stick
You know that old saying that ‘the first impression of often the last impression’? It may not hold truer than anywhere else as in the case of the internet. Users are inundated with millions of websites many of which are clamoring for their attention with similar offerings.


Make sure your landing page is specific in its approach. Outline clearly to the customer what you are trying to put across without much of a preamble. Also, having a ‘special offer’ or limited period offer pop at them will help grab their attention. End with a call to action that encourages them to take the plunge and hopefully convert a site visit into an actual sale.

2.    Be Accessible On All Devices

No website can be considered modern without having responsive elements built in it from the ground up. A responsive web design means that your web page will be smart enough to know what screen size the user is accessing the page from and display its elements accordingly.

The growth of mobile devices to access all manners of information is staggering and it is only a matter of time before most websites find their share of mobile traffic outstripping traditional users. Adopt responsive web design to be ready for the future.

3.    Include Eye-Catching Images

The aim of the game here is to get the user engaged as quickly as possible and images will help the web designers achieve that. Including too many images though has a downside as the speed at which the pages load will go down.
Try and stick to a couple of images that help light up the page.

4.    Design For Speed

This is the one element that web designers need to strive for since it has been found to be the most important predictor of returning users. If your website is slow, the users will just find another one that is faster.
Google also takes in account the speed at which your website loads in its search algorithm, consistently rewarding those which load within its prescribed parameters.

5.    Be Innovative

As a web designer, do not be afraid to try something different from what are the established norms. A website that stands out because of good design will leave a lasting impression the minds of its users. Remember always that the website represents the most public face of a company and should thus aim to reflect some of its characters.

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